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About sergio

Deep down inside, we all truly desire better health and happiness. Be TRUE to yourself and go after it!

Deep down inside, we all truly desire better health and happiness. Be TRUE to yourself and go after it!

Sergio has over 20 years of experience as a health and wellness professional, and motivational coach and speaker. In addition to working with dozens of professional athletes, CEO’s and celebrities, Sergio has also worked with many corporations and community organizations developing holistic health and wellness programs.

Sergio has helped thousands of clients achieve health and happiness through his innovative and creative programs which are the result of his extensive experience and credentials in functional exercise science, cellular nutrition, personal development and psychology. While Sergio’s approach to health and happiness is a holistic approach, it is also grounded on research that is directly linked to longevity and disease prevention.

“The world of ‘health and fitness’ seems to have lost its way and gotten off track- it’s no longer about true health, happiness and well-being; it’s more about body-fat percentage and ego filled performance. Many of the things I see being taught today are not only causing more inflammation and oxidative stress, which increases the risk of injury and disease over time, but they are also rooted in more of an external and ego based approach, which does not resonate with our inner most self. This is why many people end up frustrated, quitting, getting injured, or are simply just not happy or at their core, even if they are getting great results externally.”

In addition to spending 11 years as the fitness and nutrition expert for NBC5 in Chicago, Sergio has also been on the TODAY Show, WGN, Fox 32, and many other television networks. He has written in Men’s Fitness Magazine and ESPN-Teen to name a few. Sergio is also an international educator and speaker, teaching at trade conferences and workshops around the world, as well as speaking for companies, including the Federal Government, and other large groups and organizations around the world.