Wisdom & diet beverages

We can all use a little more wisdom in our lives. Wisdom is this beautiful balance between heart, mind, and gut. It can also be described as what is congruent with our values, makes intellectual sense, and we feel intuitively about. In fact, the definition of wisdom in the dictionary is stated as such:


wis*dom (noun): the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; the quality of being wise.


When we use wisdom, we find that life is easier; there is a flow in our lives; we make less mistakes; we make better/‘wiser’ choices; and we are generally happier. The problem is that we are so busy and so stressed as a society, it’s hard to tap into our ‘wisdom’. We only hear the voice of excuses, frustration, old limiting beliefs, and to-do lists. But when we are able to slow down- maybe even quiet down for a few moments in order to hear what our hearts and our guts are telling us, as much as our minds, then we can begin to hear our ‘wisdom’ voice. And we innately know that our wisdom voice is telling us things like eat natural healthy foods, get regular exercise, be more patient and acknowledging with our significant others, get plenty of rest, laugh more, hug more, spend more time in nature, etc… In our deepest level of awareness and wisdom, we all want to be healthier and happier.


One thing that I find surprising when I talk to people, is their lack of “wisdom” and understanding when it comes to diet soda and diet drinks. People still seem unaware of the health risks that come with diet drinks. While much of this information may be a lack of knowledge, I do believe if everyone spent some time in silence/meditation, and just experienced drinking a diet soda or beverage in a mindful way, our wisdom voice would be shouting, “this stuff is terrible! It’s killing us! Please stop!”. Okay- maybe that’s a bit much, but you would know that it is not good for you and is actually harmful to your health.


Here are some things people may not have knowledge about, but after reading this, I hope you increase your wisdom about making beverage choices.


·      There is new research showing that drinking just one diet soda per day, can increase your risk of stroke and dementia by 300 percent. (See article/video)


·      Artificial low-calorie sweeteners are linked to more weight gain. An 8-year study in the journal Obesity that followed 3,700 people showed those consuming the low-calorie sweeteners put on the most weight.


·      Another study of US adults in the American Journal of Public Health identified a large group that drank diet beverages. Of the group that drank diet beverages, 11% were a healthy weight, 19% of those were overweight and 22% who were obese.


·      A 2014 study from Israel found that artificial sweeteners changed the microbiotic makeup of rodents’ guts in ways linked to metabolic disease, which is a combination of 64 illnesses including obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.


·      For another recent study, researchers at Washington University in St. Louis found that when people drank beverages with sucralose (Spenda), and then later ate foods with sugars, their bodies would produce 20% more insulin, which is a sign of insulin resistance- a precursor to diabetes.


So hopefully, this new knowledge, along with some intuition, and some heart-centered awareness, you will be wiser and choose other beverages like water (plain or infused) and unsweetened teas as your main choices of beverage. You will not only be wiser, you will be healthier and happier.


Peace, grace and health,


- Sergio